AmazonSmile Program Policies

Updated: October 26, 2020. See what’s changed

These AmazonSmile Program Policies (these “Policies”) are part of the Operational Documentation incorporated into the Participation Agreement that governs your participation in the Program, and capitalized terms used in these Policies and not otherwise defined here will have the definitions provided there. These Policies describe requirements and restrictions applicable to you as a Program participant.

We reserve the right to modify these Policies at any time and in our sole discretion as set forth in Section 9 of the Participation Agreement.

A. Advertising AmazonSmile

  1. You may not promote or link to AmazonSmile in a way that is misleading or confusing to customers or that does not accurately represent AmazonSmile or the Program (for example, by expressing or implying that we have entered into a partnership with you, that we sponsor or endorse you or any other cause or that we support your position on any issue).
  2. You will not bid on or purchase keywords, search terms, or other identifiers (including any trademark of Amazon or its affiliates or variation or misspelling thereof) or otherwise participate in keyword auctions on any search engine, portal, or other search or referral service, directly or indirectly, in order to drive traffic to AmazonSmile(including by including a link that sends users directly or indirectly to in any such ad).

B. Interaction with AmazonSmile and Amazon Customers

  1. You will not request, collect, obtain, store, cache, or otherwise use any account information used by our customers in connection with AmazonSmile (including any usernames or passwords of AmazonSmile customers).
  2. You will not modify, redirect, suppress, or substitute the operation of any button, link, or other feature of AmazonSmile.
  3. You will not take any action that could reasonably cause any customer confusion as to our relationship with you, or as to the site on which any functions or transactions (for example, search, browse, or order) are occurring.
  4. Customers who buy products through AmazonSmile are customers of Amazon or its affiliates with respect to all activities they undertake in connection with AmazonSmile, and you acknowledge and agree that you are not entitled to receive any customer information. Orders for Products placed by customers on AmazonSmile may be rejected for any reason and rejected orders will not be eligible for donations. You will not handle or address any contacts with any of our customers, and, if contacted by any of our customers for a matter relating to interaction with AmazonSmile, you will state that those customers must follow contact directions on AmazonSmile to address customer service issues.

C. Unacceptable Practices

  1. You will not include on your Site, display, or otherwise use Links or Content in connection with any spyware, malware, virus, worm, Trojan horse, or other malicious or harmful code, or any software application not expressly and knowingly authorized by users prior to being downloaded or installed on their computer or other electronic device.
  2. You will not use Content or Links on, or link to AmazonSmile from, any application (for example, a software component, toolbar, or plug-in), or use any such application to artificially increase Qualifying Purchases in respect of your charitable organization.
  3. You will not frame AmazonSmile ( or any experience within the AmazonSmile activated Amazon Shopping app for iOS or Android phones), or any part of it, within your Site. However, displaying a Link on your Site in accordance with the Participation Agreement will not be considered framing AmazonSmile. You may promote your Program participation and Link through social media and email as described in the Operational Documentation.
  4. You will not post or serve any Links or other content promoting AmazonSmile within any pop-up or pop-under windows, transitional page ads, or layer ads around or in conjunction with the display of any site that is not your Site.
  5. You will not include any Links in any content that you place on AmazonSmile or any other Amazon site (for example, in connection with any advertising service available through AmazonSmile or in a customer review, forum, post, guide, or any other customer-generated context available on AmazonSmile).
  6. You will not cloak, hide, spoof, or otherwise obscure the URL of your website containing Links (including by use of a redirecting page) such that we cannot reasonably determine the website from which a customer clicks through such Link to AmazonSmile.
D. AmazonSmile Charity Lists

  1. You can participate in the AmazonSmile Lists component of the Program (the “List Program”) after completing List Program registration. The List Program is subject to the Participation Agreement generally and also to this Section D (the “List Program Policy”). Under the List Program, you can submit lists of items available through AmazonSmile(an “AmazonSmile List”), which Amazon may display on a custom web page or through other customer experiences designated for the List Program (“List Page”), and customers may purchase and then give those items on your AmazonSmile List to you by having them delivered to your designated address (“List Address”).
  2. Your List Address must be a location owned or leased by your organization. Without limiting the generality of Section 2 of the Participation Agreement, you must promptly update your List Address (and any other information provided in connection with this List Program Policy) if your address changes or you cease holding a valid ownership or leasehold interest in the List Address.
  3. By participating in the List Program, you consent to Amazon or any of its affiliates sharing your List Address with any seller that offers an AmazonSmile List items that a customer elects to purchase and send to your List Address.
  4. You must not include in your AmazonSmile List any of the following types of items: gift cards, digital items, subscriptions, memberships, fine art, coins & collectibles, or items with a purchase price exceeding $2,000.
  5. Items that you receive through the Lists Program will only be returnable for Gift Card Balances, which are subject to applicable terms and conditions.
  6. We reserve all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property and proprietary rights) in and to, and you do not, by virtue of the Participation Agreement or otherwise, acquire any ownership interest or rights in or to, the List Page, the List Page URL or information and materials on the List Page. You will not take any action that conflicts with our rights in, or ownership of, the List Page. Amazon reserves all rights to determine the content, appearance, functionality, URL, and all other aspects of the List Page, including through the display of (i) advertising materials on the List Page without compensation to you, and (ii) disclosure (by text, link, icon, or otherwise) regarding your participation in the List Program.
  7. By accepting this List Program Policy, you hereby grant to Amazon a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, fully paid-up, royalty-free and perpetual license in all languages to use, copy, reproduce, adapt, distribute, transmit and display your organization’s name, photo, logo and other trademarks or materials provided to Amazon in connection with the List Program (including through linkage to your Amazon public profile) (“Organization Materials”), in each case solely in connection with the promotion, marketing, use, and display of the List Program or the List Page and as examples of best practices in our educational and marketing materials; provided however, that Amazon will not alter any Organization Materials from the form you provide (except to stylize, re-format or re-size within such promotional materials or such List Page, so long as the relative presentation of the Organizational Materials remain substantially the same).
  8. All List Pages are Service Offerings for the purpose of Section 12 of the Participation Agreement, and all content and data (including Organization Materials) you provide in connection with the List Program will be your responsibility and subject to the waivers and indemnity obligations stated in Section 4 of the Participation Agreement.
  9. With respect to any jurisdiction in the United States of America where you would be required to register to solicit donations or meet any similar administrative requirement under applicable law but your organization is not so registered (an “Excluded Jurisdiction”), you must report such Excluded Jurisdictions to Amazon. We reserve the right to refuse to show your AmazonSmile List to customers within any Excluded Jurisdiction, and you must not market your AmazonSmile List to any person or entity within such Excluded Jurisdiction.
  10. We can terminate or suspend your participation in the List Program at any time, with or without cause, by giving you written notice of suspension or termination, and you can terminate or suspend your participation in the List Program at any time by deleting all AmazonSmile Lists associated with your Organization Site account.

  11. From time to time, we may request information from you in order to verify your compliance with the Participation Agreement or any Operational Documentation, including whether you meet, or continue to meet, the definition of an Eligible Organization. You agree to cooperate with us and promptly satisfy such requests. Upon our request, you will provide us with written certification, in substantially the form requested by Amazon, that you have complied with the Participation Agreement, including all Operational Documentation. In addition, you consent to us monitoring your Site to verify your compliance with the Participation Agreement, and you will provide copies of Content on offline versions of your Site upon request. You also consent to us monitoring and using information about our customers in connection with their use of the Links and AmazonSmile.